Let’s face it. You’re divine.

Celebrate whatever it is you are going through. Breathe consciously, and treat yourself to an afternoon of listening to music that will uplift your soul. Know that you are loved.

It’s only a months before we gather for Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree, California. That’s plenty of time for you to strengthen your aura, or perfect your So Darshan Chakra Kriya. Or, maybe you’re wishing to increase flexibility in your hips. Perhaps you’re hoping to increase your lung capacity through praanayam. Any practice you do today will support your blissful festival experience in April.

But let’s assume you do want one particular practice that will help to expand your experience of the festival. There are so many practices to choose from. How does one decide what to work on and when?

Let’s just suppose that you are interested in becoming a healer; suppose that you intend to be someone who can offer hope and strength to those who have completely lost hope and have no strength.

Yogi Bhajan said, “Hope is not a prediction of the future; it’s a declaration of what is possible.”

There is a practice is called “Bowing for Humility to Transfer Praana.” The instructions for this meditation can be found in a book entitled The 21 Stages of Meditation. The teachings say that “when you lock into the rhythm of this bowing meditation it is remarkably ecstatic.” In practicing this meditation, it is possible to experience an ecstasy that runs so deep you might offer a healing session to Mother Earth herself.

Attending Sat Nam Fest can introduce you to a practice that you can take home with you and keep up as long as you like. Allow that practice to become your companion for years to come. Master that practice. Sat Nam Fest is a great place to help you decide how and to which practice you wish to dedicate your energy.

And why not promise yourself to practice this meditation for 11 minutes every day from now until the festival? Then, perhaps, attend the festival with an intention to spread healing energy. Look deeply into people’s eyes and send them light and healing. Walk around at the festival continually echoing this mantra in your heart:

Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru!

Then, relax and witness the miracles!

What is it you’re hoping for?  What will you declare as possible?

May you see, feel, create, and experience many beautiful miracles in your life today and always!

Sat Nam!

Feeling inspired? Join us for Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree this April 11-15, 2018!

Or perhaps you are feeling curious about diving into the 21 Stages of Meditation. For the first time, this transformative course will be offered on-site at Sat Nam Fest, led by Krishna Kaur and Nirvair Singh. Learn More Here!