Here we are in that final run up to Christmas… The stockings are hung, the tree is decorated, cookies and cards are all done and the only thing left is to get that last gift. The gift you have been trying to figure out for the person in your life with “everything”. That one friend or family member that is near impossible to buy for. How about this year you skip the Cheesecake Factory Gift Card and gift them Sat Nam Fest instead? When you think about it, Sat Nam Fest is a wonderful gift for just about anyone you love.

Right at the beginning of Spring they get to travel to the warm sunsetybquotegreeting of Joshua Tree. For most, this involves flying into Palm Springs, which is a virtual paradise unto itself with amazing shopping and world class natural spring spas. Then just a 40 minute drive brings them to their temporary home. The grounds themselves are a sight to behold boasting architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright and sons, a number of reflecting pools and fountains, walking labyrinth, the tangible power of multiple vortices that allow for simply amazing private meditation opportunities and so much more. Every turn is a photo op.

During classes, they will be encouraged to tap into a deeper level of their strengths spiritually, mentally and physically. The yoga sessions are challenging yet all are encouraged to work within their own capabilities while ever improving. This is no contest. Concerts throughout the day and evening offer a time to relax, reflect, and enjoy the chants and melodies of some wonderfully gifted musicians. Each day offers smaller classes that specialize in a range of topics and approaches.  And there is dancing. Ecstatic yoga dancing Bhangra Groove style every morning. (It’s hard to believe you can smile that big at 6:30am.)

Are they the more mellow type? Saturday night there will be a 4 hour gong immersion. They simply lie down comfortably or even sleep and let the healing vibrations literally do the work for them. Vegetarian meals are available in the cafeteria each day that are healthy, delicious, replenishing, and definitely an important part of the cleanse this week offers. Interested in a greater cleanse? Special juice diets are also available. Of course all are welcome to bring whatever foods they prefer or leave to a restaurant at their leisure.

We could go on endlessly about the countless reasons why Sat Nam Fest would make a perfect gift for your loved one(s), but let’s wrap this up with the most important; Gifts like this can truly change someone’s whole life, they deserve this time away to replenish their soul, you can come with them because you deserve this too. We’ll see you on the mat. 😉

~Happy Holidays