Mike and Gallina Tamburo of Crown Of Eternity spend their lives serving people through vibration, sound healing and music, as well as with relaxation and energy movement techniques (including Kundalini Yoga). This year’s workshop  ‘The Healing Power of the Gong’ will expand our idea of the Gong’s possibilities, uses and context, taking us beyond passive savasana, into a space for active healing. Journey with Mike and Gallina at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires in the all-night Gong bath or learn how to play the Gong at their workshop.

How did you connect with the spiritual side of music?Crown of Eternity Portrait

Mike: For both of us, our lives as musicians have been connected to our lives as spiritual people. My understanding of God is connected to my understanding of myself as a person.  The deeper I grow as a listener and as my connection with my instruments develops more, so does my connection with the Creator. There was a jacket at Sat Nam Fest that said: “Music is my religion” and that holds true us. Music has steered our spiritual paths and has helped to bring us together as a couple.

When we started working together with the Gongs, bells and singing bowls, something opened up for both of us.  It felt like we were not making music just for us anymore. We realized that these vibrations were meant to be shared. We both play many instruments, but the Gong is the most powerful instrument that we know other than the voice.  The Gong opens us to such deep relaxation and the possibility for cathartic release.  It offers an opportunity for letting go and being in a deep inner space.

In addition to the Gong, we also do instrumental meditation music and mantras. Every instrument holds its own space for us to explore.  We look at all of our instruments as carriers for our highest expressions.  

The Mantra work is really a gift on every level.  First and foremost, it is a gift for us to be able to explore these sounds and their consciousness together as a couple.  It is a gift to find what the mantra means to us.  It is a gift to find the melody and arrangement and really integrate that vibration.  It is a gift for us that we are able to share our mantra renditions with the community and in our classes.

What is an example format of a sound healing session?gallina

Gallina: We both work together and are trained in multiple modalities, including singing bowls, tuning forks, and the Gong. Our sessions change from person to person.  For a singing bowl and Gong sound massage, our client will lie down on the massage table and I will work directly on the body with singing bowls. While the bowls vibrate gently on different parts of the body, Mike usually plays the Gongs and bells around the client’s body. The vibration of all of the instruments penetrates through the physical body allowing a space for deep self healing and transformation.

Mike: These sounds help the body to relax and release the tension and stresses that often keep us from self-healing. I see all of our sound therapy sessions as creating an environment for self-healing to take place.

How do sound and Kundalini Yoga work together?

Mike: Sound is a conduit for transformation and consciousness expansion. Kundalini Yoga without sound wouldn’t be Kundalini Yoga, it is a major part and attraction of the practice, for me. The deeper I work with sound in this practice, the more I experience what we would call Wahe Guru.

mikeWhat makes Sat Nam Fest a transformational event?

Gallina: I am inspired by the variety and diversity of musical styles and interpretations of the mantras. I feel that it is a great gathering of beautiful and creative souls.  It is an awesome celebration of life and creativity. It opens up different entry points for people to experience the beauty of this technology.

Mike: It is a coming home in a lot of ways.  It gives us the opportunity to catch up with people we haven’t seen in awhile. It also affects my consciousness deeply to meditate with so many turned on and tuned in people.  The energy that develops as everyone chants together and does the yoga practice together is simply amazing.  It is pure entrainment, you can’t help but feel the shift. The vibration builds through the weekend and it is like an aura bubble starts to form over everyone.  We grow so much together and we experience ourselves on deeper and deeper levels.  Consciousness expands through our conversations and all the group experiences and exercises. We come into harmony together.  It is a beautiful unfolding throughout the weekend.  

I think that Sat Nam Fest at its best is a renewal for all of us. There is no better way to reconnect with ourselves than to chant and sing and move our bodies in positive intention with such a beautiful community.  The community is always enriching and uplifting each other.

Can you tell us about your workshop “The Healing Power of the Gong” at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires in August 2016?

At The Healing Power of the Gong workshop, we will focus on taking the Gong out of the context of only using it during savasana and learning to apply the Gong in different ways.

Last year was an introductory course on playing the Gong – we focused on mallets and Gong strokes and the different playing points on the Gong. This year does build upon last year’s course, but it is more an introductory course on using the Gong for healing.  The course is still open to anyone, even if you have never played the Gong.  We will be exploring the therapeutic possibilities of using the Gong and we will look at a few playing techniques that we often use in our Sound Therapy session.  A lot of these ideas are different than how we would look at the Gong as used in savasana – learning how to play the Gong differently with new intentions.  

We will look more at the listener’s experience with the Gong and we will discuss how to release tension in the sonic field and how to use the Gong experience for self-healing. We will focus on how to receive the Gong and how the body, mind and energetic body respond to the Gong and how to relax in the sound field so that the vibration can work for you.  We will look at how we listen and how we receive the Gong so it is an active healing experience that allows us to unwind and let go.

Join Crown of Eternity at Sat Nam Fest in Lenox, Massachusetts this August 17-21!