I was recently lucky enough to spend some time talking with Nirinjan Kaur about her upcoming new album “Into the Heart.” This will be her seventh album. The release date has yet to be set, but it will be available pre-sale at her live shows. We also talked about her upcoming performance at Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree! Here is a part of our exchange:

What separates “Into the Heart” from previous offerings?

This was my first time doing an entire duet album. Matthew Schoening and I collaborated throughout the entire process and co-wrote all the tracks.

Will you be touring this Spring/Summer?

To some degree, not as much as in the past. Currently there is no real tour set but some dates should be coming soon. Of course, Sat Nam Fest is coming up, so we look forward to performing there.

Any special stories or lessons from writing or recording that stick out?

We have been playing these songs live for a while prior to recording. Growing a song through performing was very rewarding. Watching a song be born from Matthew plucking 2 strings was beautiful.

Any guest performers on the album?

It’s all a duet with Matthew, but no additional “guests”.

Who most influences you as an artist?

Snatam Kaur in early years. She was my idol and then suddenly my big sister. She was and is very encouraging, very gracious and I was invited to sing with her often.

Any collaborations planned for Sat Nam fest?

None planned. Some class performances. Mostly improv.

Have you performed at all the Sat Nam fest venues?

I have performed at Sat Nam Fest East, Joshua Tree, and in the first year when it was called Spirit Fest.

What do you love most about the festivals?

The bliss. The love. That they are so music focused. So much great music all the time. It’s like God is holding the paddles, shocking you back to love.

What advice would you give to a first time attendee?

Bring warm clothes. Much colder than expected. Plan ahead for your children’s needs. Their happiness will bring you more peace. The festival will take you on the ride it’s going to take you on, so just come supplied and open to receive.

Any specific classes you’re looking forward to this year?

I haven’t looked too closely as of yet but I’m thrilled there are so many great offerings and new teachers.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Wow…Nothing is simple. It’s all so intertwined, the mess is intertwined in everything. Trump is President now, but he is not the problem. Him getting elected is the problem. Society is the issue. We all feel it. Would only one thing really make a difference? It all needs to change. These symptoms of problems that exist are all interwoven… Corporations need greater boundaries to limit them. There’s so much greed! We need to save the planet and the environment, our psyche of our planet needs to shift. Shift destructive patterns.

What question do you most wish someone would ask you?

I have nothing that’s burning in me to get out. I have a lot of things that I feel, observations that I have, things I’d like to express, but I have my music to do that.

I see your facebook page is not regularly updated. What is the best way for fans to follow you and your music?

I don’t prefer Facebook. Sometimes people write weird things to me…too personal yet impersonal. I’m a person. Not a figurehead. I want people to see me, not some entity. I’m considering starting a blog on my website. The website is a little more controlled environment and best place to check for updates. Or come say “Hi” at Sat Nam Fest.