As the Sun crosses the celestial equator from South to North, the Spring Equinox is upon us. It’s a time of balance, a time of equality, a time of rebirth and also a time to celebrate the continuation of life.

I recall as a kid waiting excitedly for the Equinox to come, not for anything more sophisticated or spiritual than my all-consuming need to balance eggs on the kitchen table. One year, I managed to balance an entire two dozen at the same time. Over the years, my need for balance has endured. However, the focus has become more self-reflective and far less ovate, or “eggy.”

Or has it? Perhaps “eggy” isn’t a bad way to look at things — as individuals and as a global society. That hard outer protective shell is all too often easy to break. We feel scrambled, fried, hard-boiled, and even poached when all we want is for life to be sunny side up, and eventually over easy (maybe I shouldn’t blog when I’m hungry). Like the eggs of my youthful games, we all crave that moment when everything aligns and brings us balance. And here we are. Ready to stand together.

Today, light and darkness have halted their eternal struggle for dominance. It’s a time where the cosmos spirals into the yin and yang. There is a peace, yet even in this peace we must not become complacent. We must grow. In this moment, we can learn a lesson from Spring itself, the lesson of rebirth.

Does your spiritual practice need more focus? Now is the time to start anew. What is your daily kriya? Seize this opportunity to change things up with your practice, to get energized, to raise your vibration, to fully awaken your Kundalini energy and let your seven chakras burn within and without. Perhaps consider joining us for Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree, and practice a new kriya in preparation. Celebrate yourself and the light building in you that will get brighter and burn longer with each coming day.

This week marks the one year anniversary of my last dose of chemotherapy; the return of clean and healthy cells; the second chance for a spiritually-centered life focused on love and service; a celebration of battle won. I am blessed to be here still to share my thoughts with you, to share this journey with you, to share this time with you. A year later and I feel like me again, only better for what I have gone through. I have come from the darkness, arrived at the point of balance at the center of us all, and now move every day further into the light.

How will You mark this celestial celebration?