The purpose of many Kundalini Yoga kriyas is to help rewire our response to life, so that we can quit reacting to every outside influence and begin living in creative collaboration with our inner wisdom. The reason the kriyas are effective is because they balance and renew the brain.

For a long time, science told us that when we reach a certain age, our brains stop growing new cells. But nowadays, awareness is growing with regard to the sophistication, elasticity, and resilience of the human brain. We can take a proactive role in improving our brain health.

The Brain Doctor Kriya, Kirtan Kriya, Kriya for the Frontal Lobe, Balance the Mind I, Balance the Mind II, Mental Exercises, Anti-Depression, and Brain Synchrony are all kriyas that appear in the Transformation Volume One yoga manual by Yogi Bhajan. It contains 91 Kriyas and Meditation to help you with mastering the self. These exercises are effective in balancing the hemispheres of the brain as well as rewiring the brain to make it more alert and increase the brain’s power in helping you live and act with intuitive ease.

Intuitive ease is a subtle art and science, but it is such a super power for helping you maintain physical and mental health. Here is a practice you can do every day to help you develop the super power of intuitive ease:

This practice is called “Four Stroke Breath to Build Intuition” and is taken from the Transformation Volume Two: Serving the Infinite yoga manual by Yogi Bhajan.

Sit in a comfortable seated position with a nice, long spine. Place the hands in Prayer Pose. Keep the Jupiter (index) fingers extended as you interlock the other fingers to clasp the two hands together. Cross the thumbs. Place the mudra a little below your nose where you can look at the tips of the Jupiter fingers through the one-tenth opening of your eyes. The eyes remain 1/10th open and focused on the finger tips throughout the 16-minute meditation. Here is the breath pattern: Inhale in four powerful strokes through the “O” shaped mouth (1 stroke per second = 4 second inhale) and exhale in one powerful stroke through the nose (1 second exhale).

The way you end the meditation is so important; it’s the icing on the cake. At the end of 16 minutes, inhale and hold the breath for 20 seconds as you stretch the arms out to the sides, palms facing upward. Feel empowered to balance the central spinal column. Exhale. Inhale deeply, hold the breath another 20 seconds, and continue to stretch the arms horizontally and stretch the spine vertically. Make a strong T-square. Exhale. Inhale deeply, and hold the breath for 20 seconds, and open up the fingers to make them like steel. Squeeze your entire energy and bring it into your arms. Exhale and relax.

Try this meditation from now until you join your yoga community at the festival. Your sincere practice can guarantee that you will move through the festival with the grace and ease that comes with being guided by your intuition.

We look forward to see you shine! Sat Nam!

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