Sometimes, when we follow our intuition, and we walk through one door of opportunity, we find ourselves in a cathedral of opportunity with a hundred doors that lead beyond our imagination. A few years and a few hundred doors later, with infinite blessings in our hearts, we look back to realize just how important our initial intuition was and how crucial it was to walk through that first door.

When I first found out about Sat Nam Fest East in 2012, I felt this event as a huge immense light, and I still know it as such! Inevitably, I followed my intuition – I was clearly called to come. A leap of faith, an investment in my spirit, and this event has become a door opening up to opportunity after opportunity, bringing gift after gift.

Each year, I look forward to Sat Nam Fest East as the most cherished event on my calendar. This will be my 4th year going. On each occasion, as I commit to the light of my spirit, I find myself brimming with thankfulness.CCgurmukh

Why is it my most cherished event? Well, my favorite musicians and kundalini yoga teachers gather in one location, in an intimate and idyllic setting. As a community, we fill ourselves with light, sacred yoga, and incredible sound current. We share in life-altering workshops, blissful concerts, connecting to many other inspiring souls, and we are forever shifted by this great convergence of Spirit. We go home lifted with light, inspiration, connected to our truth, and in greater wholeness.

The notion often comes to my mind, that when a group of people come together with intentions of light, the benefits are more exponentially increased than if we did the same work alone. I fully believe this, especially after walking out of class, or out of a concert, with the light pouring out of the room, our auras hugely expanded and glowing, collectively shifted into a higher consciousness. Simply by showing up in community and doing our individual best to merge with our spirit and the light of this path, we invite miracles to come.

I’ve had some of my most profound spiritual experiences during the workshops. I’ve made incredible friends of kindred spirit that have brought huge benefit to my life. I’ve had some of my most blissful dancing and meditative experiences during the concerts. I remember last year’s concert with Snatam Kaur and Ajeet that even the musicians were saying afterwards, ‘that was a new level for us! Something happened tonight that has never happened before.’ It was a whole new level of bliss. The stillness and energy and shared intention in this beautiful space allows for it. And of course, the musicians and teachers bring it!SNFE2015_Website_Banners_1200x422-Yogis-Arms-In-Air

Plus, the cuisine at the retreat center blows my mind every time, my tummy humming with appreciation. I’m grateful for the menu they serve, even with all the narrow guidelines I follow. I know and trust I will be nourished on every level when I attend the festival, as long as I follow my intuition. Additionally, I use and cherish items daily for my spiritual practice and wardrobe that I found in the bazaar at the festival, which is full of unique options from conscious vendors.

I find that the intimate and nourishing nature of the location and program for Sat Nam Fest East clears out the obstacles and contains the light. You can fully show up in your highest and commit to this immense celebration of yoga, the teachings, this music, with so much comfort, ease, and inspiration. You can consciously choose how far to enter into your communion with the divine. And hence, this why I think I’ve had some of my most profound meditative and spiritual experiences at this event.

Last year, in 2014, when we did the 2.5 hours of chanting Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru, this was one of the most light-filled experiences within my path of kundalini yoga. It wasn’t because of one moment, or ringing bells or flashing lights or angels appearing in front of me, it was the whole experience, of just chanting, praying, intending, and being in the collective current. By the end of it, something within me had irrevocably shifted. Faith filled me. I was imbued with hope and an inner knowing.

That one experience made the whole thing worthwhile. But of course, there were so many more gifts. The intuition that opened up to me during that time, inspired me to attend further kundalini events. These events led to more insights, more healing, more miracles, and more doors of possibility. Hundreds of doors later, the Grace of God has shifted so much within me.

By walking through the door of my intuition, and showing up with intention, not only have I been gifted miracle after miracle, connecting with some of the most incredible people on the planet, but I’ve also been invited to share my experiences with you here, which is quite an honor in itself, contributing to my community.


Ilarion Updesh Kaur believes in honoring all life and finding how to live in alignment with this ideal. She invokes the beings of light, within and around us, to assist us in becoming one with our highest potential of truth in the now. She is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, and offers both kundalini and hatha yoga classes in North Carolina. Ilarion also presents workshops in Compassionate Communication, or Nonviolent Communication, which helps people to move beyond judgmental thinking to understand the universal feelings and the hopes or needs beneath all forms of communication, action, and intention. In addition to yoga and NVC, Ilarion offers healing and clearing work in collaboration with the Archangelic realm. She also provides karmic clearing, soul integration, Sacred Heart Soul Healing, Reiki, readings from the Akashic records, intuitive coaching, and more. Ilarion enjoys writing prayers and invocations, dancing with the elementals and nature spirits, organic gardening, nature photography, hiking, and communing with nature. Ceaseless beauty she finds in nature’s flowers, fresh air, bird songs, elements, insects, furry ones, plant friends, and all beings. She hopes as humanity opens its inner eyes, we can once again commune with the realms of the nature spirits and elementals and share this earth in united harmony with all of our octaves of light.