Guru Ganesha is a world devotional music pioneer, songwriter, singer, producer, yogi and lifelong spiritual practitioner, and a man of many talents. See Guru Ganesha perform live in concert at the Sat Nam Fest Berkshires  this August 17-21 in Lenox, Massachusetts.

How is the experience of live music at Sat Nam Fest different than a recording or video?

Singing mantra and Divine poetry live, in-person with people devoted to living in their highest possible consciousness is one of the most sublime, joyful experiences you can possibly have in a human body. You are in essence bathing in the collective aura and magnetic fields of all these saintly beings. It is absolutely the highest form of natural intoxication! A live class is an exponentially greater and more powerful experience than via any form of media!

What is the importance of community at Sat Nam Fest?GG

Surrounding yourself with people who have the intention to try and be the best they can be – the kindest, most compassionate, most loving, most forgiving. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It automatically uplifts you whether you are receptive to it or resisting it.

Once you reside in your heart, so much of the stress of living goes away. When you are serving others and the focus is on serving others. It is easy to do when you are surrounded by people who inspire you to be your highest self. You attract a lot of prosperity because that type of energy is intoxicating to other people. It resonates deeply in their heart and helps them to feel that energy for themselves.

What makes Sat Nam Fest a special place?

Everyone is trying to move away from the pain of life to a state that is more consistently uplifting. You can have a very strong experience in 4 or 5 days at Sat Nam Fest. That experience allows you to believe that the joy-filled existence is possible.

You experience this oneness that so many people talk about. My belief is that there is a divine energy that prevails through everything and everyone. We are all made of protons, electron, and neutrons in an electrical current.

If you do believe there is one divine energy, you have to make a decision – do I trust it or not. A long time ago, I made the decision that I believe in oneness and I trust it. In an environment like Sat Nam Fest, it is so easy to feel the oneness energy and to trust it.

What is your practice to come back to your truth when you feel out of alignment?

I fill my bathtub with cold water, which is better than a cold shower. I am in my 60’s but I still have a great yoga practice, and I use a 15/20 min yoga routine that always picks me up out of a rut. Then I pick up my guitar and start chanting to Guru Ram Das. I have a deep belief in Guru Ram Das, as a state of consciousness. My wife and I chant to Guru Ram Das and the heart energy starts to flow. We usually start laughing about what we were fighting about earlier.