There comes a crucial time in every yogi’s spiritual development in which there’s “one last chance”—in these 8.4 million lifetimes that it took you to get here—to free yourself from the cycles of birth and death.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi with much wisdom from years of practice or you are new to your practice, Sat Nam Fest offers you support, insight, and opportunities for further growth on your Path to Wisdom. Find the full festival schedule here.

Saram Pad If you don’t know what Kundalini Yoga is, you will come to the festival and fall madly in love with the practice, the music, the teachers, and with your true self. Try Guru Jagat’s workshop “Energizing Your Free Zone” to explore the terrain of your consciousness and to learn about your human sovereignty, your power.

Karam Pad If you come to the festival and you are in this stage, you will know what aspects of your self and your discipline need growth. Come to Simrit’s class “The Supreme Sound” to feel the power of your own Supreme Sound current that is in your being and your voice. Chant your way through these stages.

Shakti Pad is the most crucial transitional and challenging of all the stages. The choices made here and the transformation that occurs determine whether the practitioner will progress toward mastery. The Sat Nam fest offers you support. Try Yogi Amandeep’s “Empty Your Cup, Teachings on Letting Go“. When you want to quit any practice, do not. A big reward is awaiting you just around the corner.

Sahej Pad is a stage of balance and grace when everything fits together. The Sat Nam Fest offers you celebration. Share your grace. Come to Mahankirn’s class “Heal Trauma and Shock: Sat Nam Rasayan Healing” to grow more adept at healing others with your meditative mind. Come to Krishna Kaur’s class “Deepen the Sacred in Your Practice” to take a Quantum Leap in your spiritual journey.

Sat Pad is where you are in harmony with the universe. The Sat Nam Fest bows to you. Enjoy Crown of Eternity’s all-night-long Gong Concert. See you at Aquarian Sadhana every morning! Vibrate your harmony into the universe to uplift everyone.

The five stages of the path to wisdom are intended as guideposts the mind can rely on to aid in staying committed to the practice. Sometimes the consequences of choices we make are very clear—I ate too much sweets; I feel bad. Other times, the consequences are more subtle—how are my thought projections shaping my reality?

Yogi Bhajan explained that these five clear stages of wisdom for the mind to dwell on to help make the spiritual path more comprehensible. These stages are by no means benchmarks; they’re guideposts. The idea is to live with a sense that this lifetime is an important opportunity for us to take to heart our chance to free ourselves from the cycles of birth and death. And birth and death here refers to any birth or death that give us joy or grief. Ultimately, a yogi is not affected by opposites. Don’t attach to birth or death. Attach to freedom. How? Recognize cycles and stages without getting hung up on them. Instead, free yourself in every moment. Free yourself with every breath.

One reason Sat Nam Fest is so crucial is that it offers a place and time for you to truly be with, and dwell in, that part of you that is free, vibrant, radiant, and infinite. Who knows? Maybe your “one last chance” to free yourself will fall any moment between April 6-10, 2016. And when it does, chances are you’ll want to be hanging out with a bunch of yogis, kirtan artists, sages, and master teachers. You will want to be dwelling in your own sense of freedom, vibrancy, radiance, and infinity. Thus, your freedom will be assured. Sat Nam!

Feeling inspired? Join us for Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree, CA this April 6 – 10, 2016!